MrBluSkies loves to play his banjolele and ukulele and sing those Old-Time Sing-A-Long songs... The music of Al Jolson, George M. Cohan, Irving Berlin, Gus Kahn and many others. It is music from simpler times... times when men wore straw hats and bow ties... and crooned love songs to their favorite girl. Music has a way of awakening not only the brain, but also, the human heart and soul in ways that no medication can accomplish.  It brings memories to life by turning back the clock and allowing us to relive happy times.  Members of my audiences so often tell me “Thank you so much for your music... those songs just bring back so many beautiful memories for me.”  


MrBluSkies Entertainment

MrBluSkies would love to arrange a fun afternoon or evening of sing-a-long entertainment for your residence, your club, or for you and a group of friends.  His ukuleles are always in tune, and he is always ready to sing.  Feel free to call, send an email, or use this contact form.

MrBluSkies provides sing-a-long entertainment for Independent, Assisted Living and Memory Care Residences, as well as Villages Social Clubs and private parties.